Welcome to KKW Game & Cattle, working Texas ranches that offer some of the finest whitetail and exotic game hunting in the state. We operate two ranches: one in the Hill Country north of San Antonio and the other in the South Texas Brush Country. If you have your heart set on a whitetail, then the South Texas Ranch is the place for you. If you’d rather hunt exotics, you’ll want to head to the Hill Country Ranch where axis deer, blackbuck, fallow deer,
sika deer, and aoudad sheep roam the hills.

Both ranches also offer opportunities to hunt wild boar, quail, dove, and wild turkey. The pristine habitats in either locale are also ideal for bass fishing, hiking, bird watching and photo safaris. Or just climb aboard our big top-drive Suburban and we'll take you on an exciting wildlife adventure ride.

Located within an hour of each other and the city of San Antonio, KKW Ranches are a rare combination of natural beauty, exceptional facilities and superb wildlife. Superior accommodations, gourmet cuisine and unique amenities enhance the magnificent natural environment, providing the discriminating sportsman with the hunting experience of a lifetime.

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